February 28, 2018 Categories: Climate Change EPA Rule

Why Protecting the Clean Power Plan Matters

The Environmental Protection Agency originally planned to hold only one public hearing, in West Virginia, on Administrator Scott Pruitt’s proposal to repeal the…

by Milena Paez

July 14, 2016 Categories: EPA Rule Fossil Fuels

Our Air: The Health and Equity Impacts of Burning Coal and Natural Gas in Pennsylvania and Ohio

by David Weiskopf

NextGen Climate America, in partnership with PSE Healthy Energy, is proud to announce the release of “Our Air.” These reports examine the health and equity impacts of fossil…

January 08, 2016 Categories: California Climate Change EPA Rule

An Invisible Climate Disaster

by Milena Paez

“One of the biggest environmental disasters in US history…;” “Terrifyingly bad…over 2,100 families have been placed in temporary housing…” Wait, what happened? Since October 23rd, a ruptured natural…