August 06, 2015 Categories: Clean Energy Climate Change EPA Rule Low-Carbon Fuel

The Clean Power Plan Will Benefit Transportation, Too.

by Colin Murphy

It’s Not Just About the Power Plants. As climate advocates – and really, most of the nation– enjoy a well-deserved celebration after the announcement of the Clean Power Plan,…

April 14, 2015 Categories: California Clean Energy Climate Change Low-Carbon Fuel

Electric Vehicles: Where Will the Push Come From?

by Colin Murphy

In January, California Governor Jerry Brown called for a 50% reduction in oil consumption by 2030. This throws the gauntlet directly at the feet of the oil industry and challenges…

March 20, 2015 Categories: Clean Energy Low-Carbon Fuel

Green Fuel Goes on Sale For Less Green

by Colin Murphy

Ribbon cuttings are normally fairly dull events which mean a lot more to the people who cut the ribbons than to the community which hosts the project. Wednesday, California Air…

February 26, 2015 Categories: Clean Energy Climate Change Low-Carbon Fuel

Visions of a Low-Carbon Future Come Into Focus

by Colin Murphy

Climate change research has just entered an exciting new phase. In addition to the core work of improving models and exploring new technology, there are more and more papers coming…