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When they go low, we start below sea level and go high!

Every once in awhile at NextGen America, we leave our wonk desks and hit the road for climate action. At the start of March, a few of us…

by Comms Team

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Healthy Planet — Healthy Communities

by Aaron Burgess

Climate action will put us on a trajectory to avoid the worst health impacts linked to climate change such as extreme heat and cold, the spread of tropical…

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Spring Break in Antarctica: Notes from the Front Lines of Climate Change

by Aaron Burgess

Thanks to NextGen Climate America for the opportunity to write this guest blog! I am a legal intern with the team, but took some time off in March…

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Better Together: How Renewable Energy Tax Incentives and the Clean Power Plan Combine to Transform America’s Electricity System

by Dan Lashof

New analyses released last week from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the Rhodium Group (RhG) predict a robust future for renewable electricity. The analyses show that…

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Solar & Wind Costs Continue to Fall, Likely Contagious to Other Renewable Technologies

by Aaron Burgess

The global economy has had a rough week, with stock prices taking a nosedive steep enough to leave even bystanders feeling queasy. So here’s some good news – another nosedive,…