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It’s Time to Get Loud!

Millennials strongly support action on climate. You may not have heard from them yet.

But they’re about to Get Loud.

Today NextGen Climate America and the Alliance for Climate Education (ACE) are launching the Get Loud Challenge, a groundbreaking youth climate action competition that will engage more than 500,000 young Americans across the country and empower them to take immediate civic action online and in their communities to combat climate change and embrace clean energy solutions.

The Challenge launched at Lincoln High School in San Francisco this morning, where ACE delivered its award-winning Assembly to hundreds of students and called on them to sign up for the competition. ACE Board member, Jesse Carmichael from Maroon 5, video conferenced in to join the launch event and ask youth in the audience to Get Loud.

Climate change is the most far-reaching and pressing issue of our time; and today’s young people will experience the most profound impacts over the course of their lifetime. But the climate movement has thus far failed to reach the full diversity of young people at scale and engage them to take action. It is essential for young Americans to know about climate change because this is the future they are going to inherit. They didn’t start it, they don’t want it, but it is young people who have the opportunity to stop climate change—and build a different future.

The Get Loud Challenge was designed specifically to help empower young people to take action on climate. It meets young people directly in the places where they are the most, on social media and through text messaging. The Challenge leverages a custom-designed social media platform to provide a venue for youth to easily access and contribute to the climate movement through highly visible online and offline actions.

Each week of the 15-week competition will feature a new call to action that fall into one of three categories: learn more about climate change, talk to family, friends and community members about climate action, and do something to influence policymakers to take action on climate, bring climate change to the forefront of American discourse and build a clean energy future. Players score points for every completed action, and bonus points for recruiting more friends to join the movement. The participants that create the most viral content and take the most impactful actions will be recognized and rewarded as America’s most influential climate youths.

By calling on young people in all 50 states to take highly visible online and offline actions, the Get Loud Challenge will empower young Americans to speak out, step up and win for climate action—and have a lot of fun while doing it.

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