April 27, 2017 Categories: California

The California Electric Vehicle Initiative Moves Forward

Yesterday I testified before the California Assembly Communications and Conveyance Committee in favor of a bill authored by Assemblymember Phil Ting to direct the Public Utilities Commission to…

April 19, 2017 Categories: California Clean Energy Fossil Fuels

PG&E Sent Me A Check for $500. Here’s How You Can Earn One Too.

It pays to drive an electric vehicle in California. Literally. In addition to a federal tax credit of up…

April 13, 2017 Categories: California Clean Energy Climate Change

Welcome to California, Mr. Secretary

by Comms Team

Secretary Zinke, Welcome to California! I hear you’re here to talk infrastructure and parks with our Governor, as well as…

March 27, 2017 Categories: Clean Energy Fossil Fuels Low-Carbon Fuel

Making America Fuelish Again

When a climate denier becomes President and decides to fill his administration with fossil fuel industry BFFs — such as the CEO of the world’s largest private oil company and…

March 16, 2017 Categories: California Climate Change Low-Carbon Fuel Uncategorized

When they go low, we start below sea level and go high!

by Comms Team

Every once in awhile at NextGen America, we leave our wonk desks and hit the road for climate action. At the start of March, a few of us…

January 18, 2017 Categories: Climate Change

Thanks Obama!

by Dan Lashof

President Obama leaves office this week having compiled an outstanding, and largely under-appreciated environmental record. In the last month, he has run the table with actions, determinations, and…

January 11, 2017 Categories: Climate Change Fossil Fuels

Enough Already: A Roadmap For Reforming the Federal Coal Program

by David Weiskopf

In one of the final moves by the Obama Administration, the Department of Interior has released its scoping plan for a programmatic…

December 22, 2016 Categories: Climate Change Fossil Fuels

This is Not Normal: Global Sea Ice Levels Reach Record-Shattering Lows

by Aaron Burgess

This holiday season the Arctic is making news, and not just because Santa is sitting up there making his list and checking it twice.   Permanent Protection In…

December 12, 2016 Categories: California Climate Change Low-Carbon Fuel

Canada Leads on Clean Fuels Policy

by Colin Murphy

Donald Trump’s election has called into question U.S. leadership on climate change.  President Obama capped his second term in office with several ambitious and effective policies to reduce…