December 08, 2016

Report: Arctic and Atlantic Oil Drilling Incompatible With Safe Climate


President Obama has rightly taken Arctic drilling off the table for the next five years with the latest drilling plan issued by the Department of Interior. This is important progress — but this move can still be reversed by the Trump Administration. That’s why we’re keeping up our fight to permanently protect both the Arctic and the Atlantic.

A new report by the Stockholm Environmental Institute, prepared in cooperation with the Carbon Tracker Initiative and with the assistance of NextGen Climate America and the Natural Resources Defense Council, reinforces the importance of permanently protecting the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans from oil drilling.

As this report shows, opening up drilling in the Arctic and Atlantic implies following a course towards 4ºC warming or more. This additional warming would cause climate catastrophe.

Offshore drilling presents a serious threat to our climate, marine wildlife, and our coastal communities — that’s why we must keep these fossil fuels in the ground, and why President Obama should provide them with permanent protection before Donald Trump takes office.

Read and Download the Report: