October 01, 2015

Statement from NextGen Climate America Chief Operating Officer Dan Lashof


“Today’s decision to set the National Ambient Air Quality Standard for ozone at the weakest end of the range under consideration is a lost opportunity to build on the important work President Obama has done on health and climate change. The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) independent Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee, along with the leading medical and health organizations in the country, recommended a level of 60 parts per billion (ppb) to achieve the greatest public health protections. But big polluters have lobbied ferociously against any strengthening of the ozone standard, and today’s announcement of a standard at the far less safe level of 70 ppb, while a modest improvement from the previous standard, is a disappointment for those who have stood up for public health and better measures to ensure clean air. President Obama and EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy should have ignored the polluter’s lobbyists and followed the science.”