ICYMI: Student Debt Webinar

Weren’t able to join us for this webinar? You’re in luck! 

Click the resources to view everything we discussed in this Student Loan Webinar for California during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Support the California Student Loan Borrowers Bill of Rights (AB 376) 

“I am calling to ask my [you/or name of Senator] to vote “YES” on AB-376 The Student Borrower Bill of Right. Student Borrower Bill of Rights, will give California borrowers the same type of clear, enforceable rights granted to consumers with credit cards and mortgages. California needs to create new, enforceable rights for all California student loan borrowers. Too many student loan borrowers have been the subject of harm and abuse by student loan companies and big banks. It’s time to stand up for millions of Californians with student loans.”

Student borrowers are being crushed by #studentdebt now more than ever. @CASenateDems don’t forget to #protectborrowers when planning for CA COVID-19 economic recovery! Pass AB 376, the Student Borrower Bill of Rights and support #StudentDebtStimulus



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