Student Debt Workshop

The unregulated student loan servicing industry has preyed upon borrowers and helped to create a student loan debt crisis.

The time to take action and protect borrowers is NOW!

Across California, borrowers and advocates are uniting for the Free My Future Week of Action on Student Loan Debt to demand consumer protections against predatory student loan servicers and share resources that can offer immediate support for borrowers. 

The average student loan borrower carries $37 thousand in debt. Student loan debt in California impacts nearly 4 million people, with a collective $141 billion of debt in our state alone. That’s 4 million people whose futures are held hostage by a crippling amount of debt. 

We believe every student borrower deserves fair treatment, and the right to build a prosperous life on the promise that higher education offers. It’s time to step into a future free from debt! 

From 1-on-1 student loan debt counseling, to a tele-town hall, resource fair and much more - all services provided are FREE and open to the public. Explore the resources on this page and RSVP for events to participate.