Our Work

Clean & Affordable Drinking Water

Establishing policies that create access to clean, safe, and affordable drinking water for all, as it is our basic human right.


Embracing California’s diversity and commitment to protecting immigrants’ rights, and defending their dignity and humanity.

Voting Rights

Working to protect every American’s right to vote and ensuring we have a fair and complete Census count in 2020.


Ensuring students have the support and tools needed for academic success, from cradle to college, and provided the opportunity to access higher education without a lifetime of debt.

Health Care & Food Insecurity

Fighting for every Californian’s access to affordable health care and healthy food.


Americans value freedom - and real freedom requires an economy that is fair, equitable, and that works for everyone.

Criminal Justice Reform

Fighting to end discriminatory practices in our criminal justice system by working toward a system that prioritizes restorative justice over mass incarceration.

Climate & Renewable Energy

Addressing climate change, protecting our environment and creating a healthier, more prosperous California.